Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears

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Girl friends make my heart sing!

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Girls’ Talk

A good friend knows all your best stories; aView »

Gorgeous orchid x purple mismatched bridesmaid gowns

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The perfect dress + loving sisters = pure joy

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Tiffany blue bridesmaid look

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Bridesmaids Beach Look

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Let’s get dressed!

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Sister LOVE!

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Time with her besties

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Bohemian bridal party

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Mint in different styles

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Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

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Stylish lavender gowns

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Pink or Blue?

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Lavender bridesmaids

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Violet bridesmaids

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Blue twist back dresses

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Purple bridesmaids

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Light purple bridesmaids and bouquets

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Romantic pastel bridesmaid & bouquet

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